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SECTION 36110-36116

36110. The Governor shall appoint a Model Cities Coordinator.

36111. The coordinator shall, pursuant to the provisions of
Chapters 3 (commencing with Section 36120) and 4 (commencing with
Section 36130) of this part, require those state departments
specified in Section 36130 to solicit requests for assistance from
local Model Cities programs and shall insure that state agencies
provide assistance whenever possible.

36112. The coordinator shall coordinate all state activities in
Model Cities areas in the state and may constitute such
interdepartmental task forces as are necessary to effectuate the
purposes of this part.

36113. The coordinator shall serve as the principal liaison officer
between state government and local communities for Model Cities

36114. Each department or agency of the state shall provide such
information and assistance in carrying out the purposes of this part
as the coordinator may request.

36115. The coordinator shall prepare and update as necessary a
State Guide for Model Cities. This guide shall include, but shall
not be limited to, information on:
(a) The administration and funding of federal and state programs
of potential benefit to Model Cities programs.
(b) State department personnel assigned to assist Model Cities

36116. The coordinator shall report to the Governor and to the
Legislature no later than March 1, 1972, and annually thereafter, on
the state role in the Model Cities program. Such annual report shall
include, but shall not be limited to the following items:
(a) A review of state activities to assist communities in the
design, development, and implementation of community projects in the
Model Cities programs.
(b) A review of the Model Cities component in state plans prepared
for federal grant-in-aid programs.
(c) Recommendations for statutory changes which would improve the
effectiveness of Model Cities objectives.
(d) An analysis of the total concentration of effort by the state
for Model Cities purposes.
(e) A description of projected activities of various state
departments and agencies in the Model Cities program.


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