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SECTION 36130-36132

36130. The directors of the following departments of state
government shall designate or arrange for the designation of local
liaison personnel to assist each of the Model Cities programs in the
Department of Corrections
Department of Education
Department of Health Care Services
Department of Housing and Community Development
Department of Human Resources Development
Department of Industrial Relations
Department of Mental Hygiene
State Department of Public Health
Department of Public Works
Department of Rehabilitation
Department of Social Welfare
Department of the Youth Authority

36131. The coordinator may constitute local Model Cities resources
boards in each county with one or more Model Cities programs
consisting of local liaison personnel designated pursuant to Section
36130 and of any other representatives.

36132. The boards shall meet as often as the coordinator determines
is necessary with mayors of cities with Model Cities programs and
their citizens group, with members of the city demonstration
agencies, and with the appropriate federal officials in order to do
all of the following:
(a) Assist Model Cities programs with the design, development, and
operation of community projects.
(b) Provide information to local Model Cities programs regarding
the availability of state and federal assistance.
(c) Assist in coordinating the functions of local, state, and
federal agencies in Model Cities programs to achieve locally defined
(d) Report annually to the coordinator on the county's
participation in the Model Cities program.


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