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SECTION 37960-37964

37960. This part being necessary for the welfare of the state and
its inhabitants, shall be liberally construed to effect its purposes.

37961. If the jurisdiction of the legislative body to order the
proposed act is not affected, an omission of any officer or the local
agency in proceedings under this part or any other defect in the
proceedings shall not invalidate the proceedings or bonds issued
pursuant to this part.

37962. This part is full authority for the issuance of bonds by a
local agency for the purpose of financing residential rehabilitation.

37963. This part shall be deemed to provide a complete, additional,
and alternative method for doing the things authorized thereby, and
shall be regarded as supplemental and additional to the powers
conferred by other laws. The issuance of bonds and refunding bonds
under the provisions of this part need not comply with the
requirements of any other law applicable to the issuance of bonds.

37964. An action may be brought pursuant to Chapter 9 (commencing
with Section 860) of Title 10 of Part 2 of the Code of Civil
Procedure to determine the validity of bonds and the legality and
validity of all proceedings previously taken and (as provided in the
bond resolution) proposed to be taken for the authorization,
issuance, sale, and delivery of the bonds and for the payment of the
principal thereof and interest thereon.


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