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SECTION 33400-33402

33400. Within the survey area or for purposes of redevelopment an
agency may:
(a) Insure or provide for the insurance of any real or personal
property of the agency against risks or hazards.
(b) Rent, maintain, manage, operate, repair, and clear such real

33401. The agency may in any year during which it owns property in
a redevelopment project that is tax exempt pay directly to any city,
county, city and county, district, including, but not limited to, a
school district, or other public corporation for whose benefit a tax
would have been levied upon the property had it not been exempt, an
amount of money in lieu of taxes that may not exceed the amount of
money the public entity would have received if the property had not
been tax exempt.

33402. Except as provided in Article 9 (commencing with Section
33410), this part does not authorize an agency to own or operate
rental property acquired and rehabilitated in prospect of resale
beyond a reasonable period necessary to effect such resale.


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