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SECTION 34830-34833

34830. Corporations may be formed pursuant to this chapter for the
purpose of providing housing for families of low income or
reconstructing slum areas.

34831. The laws relating to corporations generally are applicable
to limited dividend housing corporations unless they are inconsistent
with this chapter.

34832. Before the articles of incorporation of a corporation may be
filed in the office of the Secretary of State, there shall be
attached to them a certificate of the commission approving them.

34833. In addition to other requirements of law, the articles shall
set forth:
(a) That one of the purposes for which the corporation is formed
is that of providing housing for families of low income or of
reconstructing slum areas.
(b) The par value of all shares of capital stock of the
corporation. All shares shall have a par value.
(c) That the corporation will be subject to supervision and
control of the commission or other appropriate state authority, and
subject to the State Housing Law and this chapter.


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