The Strong Neighborhoods Initiative (SNI) encompasses the red area in the above map. For a detailed look at all affected areas, please click this link or on the map above.

San Jose 2020 General Plan - The adopted statement of policy for the future character and quality of development for the City of San Jose. It represents the City's assessment of the amount, type and phasing of development needed to achieve the City's social, economic, and environmental goals. See what the city has in store for your area at the following link.

IMPLICATIONS OF THE SNI: "Earlier this month, the council declared 20 neighborhoods – holding roughly a third of the city’s population – as blighted. The action made the neighborhoods eligible for redevelopment money, but it also put on notice 58,539 property owners – and many thousand more tenants – that their properties could be taken."

- Barry Witt, San Jose Mercury News - June 30, 2002